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J-v013a Taiwan double groove vacuum sealing packaging machine

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J-v016a Taiwan double chamber vacuum
J-v013a Taiwan double groove real
  • Product Name: Taiwan vacuum sealing machine vj-013a
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  • Voltage:
  • Power:
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Double groove vacuum sealing packaging machine j-v013a

Double tank vacuum packaging machine is reciprocating vacuum pump vacuum packaging, the lower vacuum tank is divided into two working slots
The two long shafts are located by two sets of bearing blocks, and the upper part of the four connecting rods is also inlaid with micro bearings, so the left and right displacement is very easy
When the vacuum is started, it can be opened automatically after the return gas is finished
The double groove vacuum packaging machine is composed of vacuum system, air pumping sealing system, hot pressing sealing system and electrical control system
Double slot vacuum packaging machine is to automatically seal the bag immediately after it is pumped into a low vacuum
Due to the high vacuum degree in the bag, the residual air is very little, which inhibits the reproduction of bacteria and other microorganisms
It can avoid the oxidation, mildew and corruption of the articles, and at the same time, it can protect some soft articles
After being packed by automatic vacuum packing machine, the packing volume can be reduced and the transportation and storage are convenient
Reciprocating vacuum pump vacuum packaging machine, air pressure automatic cover opening, time control automatic cover opening or touch opening function can be selected
The vacuum tank and box are made of stainless steel SUS 304. The machine is equipped with stainless steel movable wheels, and two of them have brakes
Four corners of the machine are equipped with adjustable fixed feet, which can be used to support after positioning, reduce the pressure of the movable wheel and prolong the service life
Panel control for digital independent display function, convenient for customers to read and view, memory function for 10 groups of panels and circuits
It is convenient for customers to clean the table with IP65 platform
The nitrogen filling function is pre designed as standard equipment, which can be added outside at any time after delivery, and the vacuum degree of vacuum tank can reach 1mbar
The sealing hot line is 6mm double arc design to enhance the sealing efficiency. The machine is designed to reserve maintenance space for future maintenance
The air pressure pipeline inside the machine is made of heat-resistant and anti-oxidation material, which can run continuously for 16 hours
The machine can be fully automatic swing cover operation or semi-automatic manual trigger operation, saving personnel physical strength
The start function key is set in 4 corners to facilitate personnel operation
The machine is equipped with a check valve of safety air pressure circuit. If the machine is temporarily powered off or air pressure source is supplied, the upper cover will not fall down rapidly during moving
Keep the food fresh, original, antiseptic, mildew proof and extend the shelf life of the product
Electronic, hardware parts, moisture-proof, rust proof, solid, powder, liquid and other contents are applicable
Application fields: meat, aquatic products, agricultural products, pickles, vegetable food, bean stuffing prepared food, Chinese herbal medicine
Tea, powder, spices, electronics, hardware parts, medical equipment, medicine, bedding and clothing, etc
Optional equipment: nitrogen filling function, upper and lower heating sealing, bag cutting function


Machine model      platform Bay j-v013a double chamber vacuum packaging machine


    Dimensions     1960x800x1010mm


Dimensions of vacuum tank     920x620x200mmx2


Sealing edge size    780mm×4


Height of vacuum tank     250mm/300mm


Seal strip distance     510mm


     Vacuum pump     100m three /H


        Power     5.2Kw




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